NARA®️ Pastel Alcohol Inks


The NARA®️ Pastel Alcohol Inks are alcohol inks with added white pigment to give the inks an opaque, matte and pastel finish. These inks have lighter tones, and are specially designed to be used on NARA®️ BLACK as NARA®️ Pastel Inks are opaque in nature. You need not use the NARA®️ Arctic White while using the NARA®️ Pastel Alcohol Inks on the NARA®️ BLACK, you can directly go ahead and use it with NARA®️ Isopropyl or NARA®️ Blending Solution.

– 15 ml/ ₹175
– Opaque in nature
– Matte finish
– Specially designed to be used on NARA®️ BLACK.

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Pastel Blue, Pastel Evening, Pastel Green, Pastel Peach, Pastel Pink, Pastel Violet, Pastel Yellow


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