NARA®️ Coaster


Are you tired of not getting the desired readily designed coasters? No worries, now with NARA®️ Coasters paint your own design with alcohol inks! NARA®️ Coasters are made with the best quality white acrylic, precisely cut with laser and rounded corners to avoid hurting yourself. They are available in 2 sets – 1 set of 4 coasters and 1 set of 6 coasters.

1. 3 mm thickness
2. 4” in height (2.25” each side)
3. White in colour.
4. Available in set of 4 and 6 for India
5. Available in set of 4 and 10 for Other countries
6. Rounded corners to reduce sharpness.

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Set of Pack

Set of 10, Set of 4, Set of 6


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