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Nara Inks (Only Shipping India currently)


Buy a box of NARA inks and get a pack of 5 swatch cards free.

  • 15 ml/ bottle
  • 1 bottle/₹175
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Almost Green, Ash Green, Ballerina Pink, Beauty Blue, Brinjal Date, Brownie, Buttery Coconut, Caramel Sauce, Caterpillar Stain, Chalky Blue, Christmas Wood, Cocoa Latte, Dotting Blue, Dusky Pink, English Horse, Faded Chlorophyl, Goldie Fish, Gouda Cheese Crackle, Gulabi, Herby Snack, Hyper Emerald, Jalapeño Stroke, Mermaid's Dress, Navy Silk, Orange Swirl, Pastel Evening, Raspberry, Satin Sea, Scarlet Stone, Silky Turmeric, Space Black, Starlit Hues, Stormy Purple, Strawberry Milk, Sunshine Beam, Tangerine, Turkish Coral, Vintage Green, Witch Blood

2 reviews for Nara Inks (Only Shipping India currently)

  1. Meenakshi Rana (verified owner)

    OMG 😍 Gorgeous shades… Just love it.
    Thank you NARA for such a beautiful shades.

  2. rudra_arpita (verified owner)

    What a fabulous range of colors! Needless to say I got the entire range! Looking forward to more shades and some floating metallic inks!!

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( 2 review )